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If you’re a writer who wants to Power Up your writing, these two options will help you get there. Get an introduction to the basics of plotting, OR, if you are ready, gain mastery in a live 6-week webinar.

What if you could nail your plotting before you even begin? Or be certain that you could pull a story together at any point? Get unstuck and know that your story would never loose direction?
That would mean you could have the focus to finish your story, or stories, or be 100% prepared for the next story. You could…

Dig in Deeper with Power Plotting Premium

Build the Foundation of Your Story with the 5 Major Plot Points

Join Mary for four 90-minute live webinar sessions. Discover how to use your characters and their conflicts to drive your plots. Then go deeper with 5 Key Plot Points. Plus two Q&A session to dig in even deeper with questions for Mary.
Live lectures: June 14th, 16th, 21st and the 23rd, 5 pm Pacific
Q&A Sessions: June 19th and 28th, 5 pm Pacific

Master Plotting in an Intensive Six Week Live Plotting Webinar

Mastering the 11 Stages of a Powerful Plot

Join Mary for six 90-minute live webinar sessions. Discover how  your characters and their conflicts drive your plots, AND the 11 key stages that MUST be included in your commercial fiction story. Plus six Q&A sessions to dig even deeper into your story.
The Spring, 6-week Master course: Break Into Fiction® Power Plotting Webinar begins on May 20th
The Fall sessions start on September 2nd
You get everything from Power Plotting Premium PLUS, so much more.

Choose the Best Option for You


  • ​​​4 Key Plotting Webinars ~ Character and Conflict and 2 webinars covering the 5 Major Plot Points
  • Four 90-minute live lectures
  • Two 60-minute Question and Answer session
  • Exclusive exercises customized for each class
  • Bonus materials designed to help anchor your learning
  • Free Break into Fiction® templates for each webinar
  • Forever access to over 360 minutes of lectures
  • Join a highly curated Facebook Group of motivated authors
The first session starts on June 14th
3 monthly payments of


(30% Savings through April 25th)
Pay in full – Save $20!


Master Class

Master Plotting once and for all in my exclusive, live, 6-week Break Into Fiction® Power Plotting Webinar


​​All of the benefits of the PREMIUM option
  • 6 intensive 90-minute live lectures covering the 11 critical elements of plot structure
  • 6 live 60-minute Question and Answer session (yes, you get to ask questions directly to Mary!)
  • All of the sessions will be yours to watch in replay for a full year after the webinar ends
  • Live discussion in all of the lectures and Q&A sessions
  • This is your best opportunity to work with Mary live in 2017
Every participant will get a a private, one-on-one Skype or phone session with Mary to dig into their unique plot
The 6-week Break Into Fiction® webinar starts on May 20th for the Spring session and on September 2nd for Fall
3 monthly payments of


(30% Savings through April 25th)
Pay in full – Save $50!
“I want to thank you for the dedication and quality that you put into this workshop/retreat. As a beginner writer, I really appreciate that you embraced those at my level as well as more experienced writers. After only 2 hours on the first day, my writing colleague and friend thanked me heartily for encouraging her to attend the workshop. I will sing your praises and direct my other writing colleagues to your retreat.
~~ Elaine Gray, pre-published writere

What would it be like to PLOT with Ease?

Join me and make 2017 the year that you mastered the basis for every great story!

Power Plotting Premium
Power Plotting Ultimate

Build the foundation of your story

Mastering the 11 Stages of a Powerful Plot