Books for Writers

Develop your writing skills

Master Plotting

Learn to Plot with confidence, whatever your genre. Build your story on solid bones.

Writing Active Setting

Setting is more than just background. Make setting work hard in your stories.

Writing Active Hooks

Learn how to keep your readers turning the page, from the first line to the last page.


Discover the Power of Hooks in one complete volume.

The strongest hooks raise questions or reactions in a reader. A reaction, whether reluctant or not, is subconsciously drawn that makes the reader want to discover more.

You’ll see how you can put hooks to work in your own stories, using the tips and insights you’ll learn in these pages.

You’ll focus on the most universal hooks to discover why they work and where they must be included.


Learn to create vivid, detailed settings that bring your story to life.

You’ll learn how to deepen character development, anchor readers to a specific time and place, reveal backstory without slowing things down, elevate action sequences, and more. Drawing upon examples from authors writing across a variety of genres, Mary Buckham will illustrate exactly how the proper use of setting can dramatically improve your story. You’ll learn what’s effective about each passage and how you can use those techniques to make YOUR story shine.


How do writers sell novels to New York houses or build a substantial reader base by releasing books as an Indie author?
The answer is: They write books that sell.

Sounds simple, right? But how do YOU write a great book that readers and editors will enjoy? Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (write by the seat of your pants), Break Into Fiction® is the book that will help you locate – and fix – weak spots (sagging middles, unlikeable characters, slow pacing and more) in your fiction stories. Plotting is key to any story, and it starts with the author understanding story structure.