Learn to Enhance Your Fiction with More Descriptive, Dynamic Settings

Now get all three books of the WRITING ACTIVE SETTING series together, plus a bonus additional section on HOOKS!
Available in Print and ebook (published by Writer’s Digest)

Have you tried to take your writing skills to the next level but don’t know where to begin?
Do you dread the thought of writing narrative description because as a reader you skip over it when you read novels?
Or are you a writer who ignores Setting description totally in your novel writing—but know your story needs it? You just don’t know where.
Active Setting, explained in comprehensible bites with clear examples from a variety of published authors can help YOU breakthrough with your writing skills. Learn more.

Writing Active Setting Book 1

Characterization and Sensory Detail

    Discover the difference between Ordinary Setting that bogs down your story, and Active Setting that empowers your story.

    This book goes straight to the point, putting theory in plain language, adding examples from authors in a variety of genres, and finishes each section with exercises designed to help you work with your Setting in a way that will excite you. . .and your readers! Learn more.

Writing Active Setting Book 2

Emotion, Conflict and Back Story

Learn to reveal your character’s back story through setting details.
Power up the emotion in your story using your setting.
Explore ways to maximize your characters conflict via setting.
See how to spin boring descriptions into engaging prose.Learn more.

Writing Active Setting Book 3

Anchoring, Action, as a Character and More

Learn to use Setting to quickly anchor the reader into the world of your story.
Use Setting as movement through space effectively.
Explore Setting in a series.
Learn the most common Setting pitfalls. Learn more.