Writing Active Hooks Book 1

Action, Emotion, Surprise and More

Many writers have heard of hooks, and have heard we should use them in our manuscripts as a tool to engage readers and keep them engaged, but what we’re not told is how to identify what a hook is or where to use them to maximize them other than in that key opening line.
In WRITING ACTIVE HOOKS, we’ll put hooks to work to enhance the action, emotion, surprise an more in your stories.​ Learn more.

Writing Active Hooks Book 2

Characterization and Sensory Detail

    Every story needs hooks. The best writers know how and where to create them to keep the reader turning the pages. Do you?
    Within this book you’ll learn: Four of the most universal of hooks to use, regardless of what you write. How and where hooks MUST be applied throughout your novel. Why, even with a great plot, theme or story, writers miss creating a compelling novel. Where some writers miss the boat by not understanding the power of hooks.
    Concrete, actions to improve YOUR writing. Learn more.