(And What That Means for Your Impact in the World.)

Approaching writing, especially story structure aka plotting, in the same way you always have will keep you where you are right now. The problem is that most frustrated writers associate plotting with pain. Plotting is taught like a constraining set of rules that can leave a writer feeling frazzled, fried, and frustrated. True plotting isn’t about having more rules. It’s about understanding the structure of story that can take a rough idea, and with a little focused effort, create a story that is more likely to make a difference.

Moving from where you are today to where you want to be with your writing means focusing your writing effort in ways that contribute the most to your career as a writer.

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Ready for Your Questions?

1. Do you associate writing
with pain? Or with pleasure? The longer we write, especially if we have not
reached measurable milestones—finishing a book, publishing a book, winning
awards, etc.—the easier it is to link pain with our passion.  To break the cycle takes intension and a
commitment to approaching our writing in a different way.

2. Why would you expect
anything to change if you are doing the same thing with your writing today that
you were doing yesterday?

This question can be a huge
wake up call for a lot of writers. We start writing and then life happens.
Demands on our time increase instead of decrease, so it becomes easier and
easier to set aside the writing because we feel stuck, frustrated or lost. Do
nothing and you stay stuck. It’s that easy.

3. What are you willing to do
to get unstuck? Staying stuck is a choice. While many of your fellow writers
are okay with complaining about all of the obstacles they are facing,
high-achieving writers focus on what they can do to make a difference now.  Take baby steps back to your writing or, jump
into a large enough challenge that immerses you back into the world of writing
and the world of your story.

4. Are you looking for a pat
on the head, or a kick-start to your writing challenges?

There are times we simply
need reassurance. But there are other times that we need something more. A
clear call to action. A roadmap to move us from where we are we where we want
to be. If a car is stuck in mud sometimes rocking it back and forth is enough.
But when it needs more you don’t keep rocking back and forth because that will
only mire you deeper into being stuck. 

5. Are you clear about where you are with your writing and where you want to go with it?

Not everyone’s goals for their writing are the same. Get clear about yours. Then take a concrete action, even a small one, within the next twenty-four hours that will start changing where you are to where you want to be. Once that step is taken pat yourself on the back and look for your next action step.

Remember that non-action is an action, but one that’s not going to move you forward. Get honest with yourself. Get clear where you want to go. Take an action. Yes, it can be that simple.

This is why I created the Break Into Fiction™ Power Plotting six-week webinar. It’s designed to help you focus on your story in a way that can bring tangible, and immediate results to your understanding and implementation of a strong story structure. 

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Question: What would be possible in your writing world if you were helped to focus on your story to make sure it is as strong as possible? You can leave a comment below.​​​​