What Attendees are Saying about Power Plotting with Mary…

“I’m loving every moment of the sessions. Have learned so much from you. Plotting has always been my Achilles heel. Now, I feel I can plot and produce a great story. ~ Ann C
“Thank you SO MUCH! I am in a different place than I was before I took the class! Look at returning, and may look at a live class. Thanks again! ~ Nancy D
“Break Into Fiction™ gives you the scaffolding of your story. So if you’re flailing around, not knowing what must happen next or why, the process of using the templates can help. ~ E J Russell

E J Russell on Power Plotting

“I was going to give up, too! Now I’m looking forward to writing again. ~ Cindy M

“I was ready to give up. I didn’t think I’d ever understand how to write a novel. A quality novel. Now I think I do. You gave me a new lease on my writing life. I can’t thank you enough. ~ Mary S

“fter 10 years I finally understand these concepts of structure, and scene and sequel. Thank you ~ Andy S​​
“I just finished my one-on-one call with Mary. I’m so excited. I got lots of great advice from the Queen of Awesomeness. And now I can’t wait to start writing my book. I’ve taken about six different plotting classes, none of them worked for me. Mary is a miracle worker. Don’t hesitate to put your story into her capable hands. Yes, I’m converted and brainwashed, but I’m loving it. ~ Nancy W
“Taking your course is really helping me get a handle on my story. It’s pointing out to me why I was having trouble getting past the first Act. I’m so glad I signed up.~ Cindy S

“his class has been great. As a writer, I land somewhere between a plotter and a panster. I thought that maybe this class might not work for me. Boy, was I wrong. This works perfectly with the way I write. As a writer it gives me enough structure to see if the story works and enough freedom that I don’t feel as if I written the story already. ~ Mageela T